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(696b) Parametric Testing, Analysis and Techno-Economic Assessment of 2-Eempa, a Single-Component Water-Lean Post-Combustion Capture Solvent

We present here, the design, comprehensive testing and technoeconomic assessment of N-(2-ethoxyethyl)-3-morpholinopropan-1-amine (2-EEMPA), a single-component water-lean solvent developed at PNNL. This presentation details the physical and thermodynamic properties of the solvent, including vapor–liquid equilibria, kinetics and viscosity measurements in addition to over 40 hours of continuous CO2 capture performance in a laboratory scale system on simulated flue gas comprised of expected levels of H2O, O2, NOx and SOx. A full techno economic analysis of the capture process at industrial scale with corresponding projections of critical metrics was performed using Aspen Plus. Here, we present that 2-EEMPA can be optimized for efficiency, with a projected regeneration heat rate of 2.0 GJ per tonne CO2 for post-combustion capture of coal-derived flue gas. Conversely, we detail how 2-EEMPA can be optimized for cost using a 2-stage flash regeneration, where projected total cost of capture of $37.6/tonne (in 2018 USD) CO2 using the US Department of Energy’s revised cost and performance assumptions. We close with a discussion on further cost reduction potential and preparation for upcoming slip-stream testing of this solvent at a 0.5 MW scale.