(477d) Programming Interaction and Assembly with Magnetic Handshake Materials | AIChE

(477d) Programming Interaction and Assembly with Magnetic Handshake Materials


Du, C. X. - Presenter, Harvard University
Zhang, H., Cornell University
Pearson, T., Cornell University
McEuen, P. L., Cornell University
Cohen, I., Cornell University
We propose a new platform, Magnetic Handshake Materials, to create anisotropic interactions by taking advantage of the recent development in magnetic nanofabrication. By printing designed magnetic dipole patterns on a substrate, not only we automatically achieve anisotropy by having directed dipole interactions, but we also attain specificity by creating distinct dipole patterns. In addition, by having direct control of the substrate geometry, we can combine two different kinds of anisotropies, shape and interaction, opening new dimensions in self-assembly design using these particles. Here, by computing and designing interactions between arbitrary dipole patterns, I will demonstrate how we can program sophisticated magnetic building blocks tailored to given self-assembly tasks using theory and simulation, and how we can use this platform to achieve both homogeneous and heterogeneous self-assembly.