Poster Session: Upstream Engineering and Flow Assurance | AIChE

Poster Session: Upstream Engineering and Flow Assurance


Tavakkoli, M., ENNOVA LLC


Vargas, F., Rice University
Gawas, K., Halliburton
Hoepfner, M. P., The University of Utah
Cokar, M., Rice University

The UEFA Poster Session aims to bring forth the latest and the most interesting advances in the Upstream Engineering and Flow Assurance area for an intimate discussion with the Conference participants. This session will have hand-selected contributions from each of the UEFA Sessions in the Conference, including Flow Assurance 101, Phase Behavior and Flow of Reservoir Fluids, Innovations in Production of Unconventional Reservoirs, and Heavy Oil and Flow Assurance. At the conclusion of this session, there will be a “Best UEFA Poster Contribution” (BUPCo) prize awarded to a poster paper based on its content, form, and presentation.



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