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Continuous Processing in Drug Product Development and Manufacturing



Tandogan, N., Eli Lilly & Co

Manufacturing pharmaceuticals requires careful control of the processes and relies on deep process understanding to ensure high quality final drug product. Process development of the unit operations can vary significantly with the material properties of the drug product and additionally, manufacturers must ensure that they are equipped to meet global demand. Continuous processing offers practical solutions for these key challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, and allows for high throughput to meet demand while offering improved mixing, heat transfer, and mass transfer compared to conventional batch processes. It also enables greater control of processing parameters, subsequently ensuring high quality in the final drug product. This session will focus on innovations and developments in continuous processing and manufacturing for drug product in the pharmaceutical industry. Presentations will cover modeling and experimental work to understand the chemical engineering phenomena relevant to controlling the unit operations in question. Additionally, the session will focus on how to address key challenges in scaling up unit operations for continuous processing.



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