(532b) Programmable Shape-Morphing of Responsive Hydrogels and Hybrids | AIChE

(532b) Programmable Shape-Morphing of Responsive Hydrogels and Hybrids


Bae, J. - Presenter, University of California San Diego
Recent interest in shape-programmable and reconfigurable soft matter systems has created new opportunities in applications ranging from soft robotics to biomedical devices through the development of fabrication methods for structures and materials with suitable physical and chemical features for stimuli-triggered actuation. I will describe the implications of surface tension for sub-millimeter scale responsive hydrogel objects and show how to utilize these phenomena to assemble and deform such objects. Next, I will discuss our recent progress in approaches to achieve tunable swelling and deswelling behaviors of stimuli-responsive hydrogel hybrids. These approaches provide insights into how the hydrogel hybrids can be designed to lead different shape morphing behaviors. Lastly, I will describe how we have leveraged these insights to develop 3D printable soft material hybrids consisting of a hydrogel and an elastomer. We anticipate that programmable shape morphing systems of hydrogel hybrids will suggest a rich area for fundamental studies and opportunities to exploit such systems for a wide range of applications.