(389b) Cross-Functional Scrum

Lin, A. S. - Presenter, Aiche MGMT Division
You had the perfect Gantt chart and project schedule, but your project still got delivered behind schedule and above budget. Why?

Traditional project management tools are well intentioned, but oftentimes are weakened when the unexpected event arise, from changes in business strategy, fluctuations in the global economy, to more recently, health pandemics.

Scrum takes an action-oriented approach that adapts projects to their daily realities. This workshop will provide an overview of the scrum process (sometimes also called "agile" but as Jeff Sutherland, the method's founder would tell you, it's called "scrum" for a reason). We will then proceed into a hands-on workshop that illustrates how having a high powered cross-functional team further energizes the methodology with participants conducting an active scrum project in the session.