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(346aw) GPU Optimized Monte Carlo Version 2.50

Potoff, J. J. - Presenter, Wayne State University
Nejahi, Y., Wayne State University
Soroush Barhaghi, M., Wayne State University
Schwing, G., Wayne State University
Schwiebert, L., Wayne State University
GOMC is a general-purpose Monte Carlo simulation engine for the simulation of molecular systems with molecular mechanics force fields based on the 12-6 Lennard-Jones, or Mie potentials[1]. It has support for simulations in all common ensembles, including the Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo algorithm. GOMC was designed with a focus on high performance, and has support for simulations on multi-core CPUs and graphics processing units (GPUs). This poster highlights a number of recent enhancements to GOMC, including new Monte Carlo moves to enhance the sampling of phase space, such as Molecular Exchange Monte Carlo (MEMC)[2,3], configurational-bias for molecules that contain rings, the crankshaft move, parallel tempering, force/torque-biased multi-particle move as well as a multi-particle move using Brownian dynamics[4]. Support for force fields governed by exp-6 potentials, and free energy calculations using thermodynamic integration or free energy perturbation has been added.

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