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(334r) Chemical Research and Development: Process Modeling and Machine Learning

Research Interests

My success as a research associate at Purdue University is the result of my skills and qualifications as a proven problem-solver and communicator who is interested in identifying interesting questions and collaborating with two members of national academy of engineering (Sangtae Kim and Doraiswami Ramkrishna) to find tangible solutions.

I believe that the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing is an excellent match for me, and the following offers a few highlights of my skills and qualifications:

  • Problem solver: As a research associate, on a day to day basis I engage in interdisciplinary research problem using rigorous scientific methodology to analyze data, draw conclusions and communicate results. While I have a fundamental knowledge of separation, filtration, and crystallization for the pharmaceutical industry, my areas of research include transport phenomenon, reaction engineering and processing engineering. These skills have been developed over the course of my 10-year scientific career and have led me to publish papers in top ranked journals, including Nature Scientific Reports and Journal of Fluid Mechanics. These skills will provide the essential basis of my chemical engineering career.
  • Flexibility and people skills: The range of professional environments I have worked in, including research institutions, software industry, and national research center has made me adept and comfortable interacting with anyone at any level in an organization. What I find more engaging is to understand each individual’s perspective and their stakes, access their abilities and goals, and develop strategies to meet our common goal.
  • Communicator/Leader: I am dynamic and motivated as a communicator when I have the ability to collaborate with chemist/experimentalist and to present my scientific results and ideas. In addition to my verbal presentation skills, I have proven myself an effective writer, as evidently by multiple published papers and book chapter. Lastly, I have supervised fellow workers in both scientific and non-scientific settings.

Selected publications

(out of 13 total, google scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=uEmQO5cAAAAJ&hl=en)

First-author contributions are underlined

Wang, S., Ramkrishna, D., Narsimhan, V. “Exact sampling of polymer conformations in an external field using Brownian bridges” Journal of Chemical Physics (accepted).

Wang, S., Martin, C.P. and Kim, S., 2019. Improper integrals as a puzzle for creeping flow around an ellipsoid. Physics of Fluids, 31(2), p.021101. (Invited papers on transport phenomena in celebration of Prof. Robert Byron Bird’s 95th birthday)

Wang, S. and Ardekani, A.M., 2015. Biogenic mixing induced by intermediate Reynolds number swimming in stratified fluids. Scientific reports, 5, p.17448. (Highlighted on Physics.org, Futurity, Geology Page, Purdue College of Engineering News Page, Purdue Research Computing Cluster)

Wang, S. and Ardekani, A.M., 2012. Unsteady swimming of small organisms. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 702, pp.286-297.


Shiyan Wang

Purdue University


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