(110e) Superdem-CFD: Open Source Parallel Solver for Non-Spherical Particle-Fluid Fluidization Systems

Gao, X. - Presenter, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Yu, J., National Energy Technology Laboratory
Lu, L., National Energy Technology Laboratory
Li, C., National Energy Technology Laboratory
Rogers, W., NETL
Understanding the fluidization behavior of non-spherical particles is important for fluidized bed design and scale-up. In this study, a SuperDEM-CFD coupled solver in open-source MFiX for non-spherical particle fluidization systems was developed and validated. The non-spherical particle was modeled using a superquadric method, most of the shapes can be easily represented by only varying five parameters. A new interpolation method (called DPVM-Satellites) for non-spherical particles was developed to distribute the particle volume into the neighboring fluid cells. A general algorithm to calculate the projected area perpendicular to the flow was developed. Several non-spherical drag models that consider both particle orientation and fluid voidage effects were compared. The solver was validated by comparing the simulation results with various fluidization experiments of non-spherical particles, including cylinder, elongated cylinder, cubic, etc. The model can correctly simulate the pressure drop, particle height distribution, particle orientation distribution for different particle shapes. Besides, large-scale systems with millions of non-spherical particles were parallel simulated to demonstrate the ability of the solver for industrial-relevant flows simulation.