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City College of New York & University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

The 2013 Chem-E-Car Competition at the Annual Student Conference in San Francisco will take place on November 3, so ChEnected decided it's time to take a sneak peek at what each Chem-E-Car teams has in store. AIChE asked all schools participating to submit a spotlight/intro video showing off their car, their team, and telling the ChEnected audience exactly what makes their car special. We'll be presenting all submitted videos from now until the beginning of the AIChE Student Conference on November 1. (If you'd like to know more about the competition, see the list of 2013 Chem-E-Car teams.)

Chem-E-Car on Twitter

If you're part of a team, contact us on Twitter at @Chenected so we can add you to our #ChemECar Twitter list, and subscribe to our Chem-E-Car list to follow other teams on Twitter.If you plan to tweet about the competition or the AIChE Student Confernece, please use the hashtags #ChemECar and #AIChEStudentConf.

City College of New York

University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

We'll be featuring more videos between now and the competition, so visit ChEnected again soon for more video previews in this series.

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