Take an Interactive, 360° Tour of a Siemens' Wind Turbine

If you've ever wanted to see and experience (with seductive sound) one of the world's most promising renewable energy sources firsthand, Siemens has built a cutting edge 360? interactive tour that puts you high above the ocean on top of a wind turbine. Click to begin the tour.

Warning: productivity killer

By zooming and scanning the image, then calling up embedded videos and text, you'll get a quick history of wind power and Siemens, crew jobs and turbine technology; effortlessly jump to the factory floor to get background on manufacturing; finally, another click sends you to either blade production or optimization. Once you're done, you'll understand the vast scope of this enterprise, making the first image - horizon-to-horizon wind farm - an apt metaphor. This is why the internet was invented.

Did this change your feelings about the technology?

Photos: various (screengrabs), Siemens


Kelly H.'s picture

This is awesome! How do ChemEs get jobs in renewable energy? I feel like most of he job/interns posts I see are either just for oil refineries or other processes. I wonder if there will be careers out there in batteries, solar, etc. that utilize ChemEs' skills.

Kent Harrington's picture

Look for companies that use similar processes: UOP has started building biorefineries. Kior, with a biorefinery in MIssissippi, using pyrolosis to make a drop-in fuel, or try Lanza Tech. Some Algae fuel companies are worth looking at: Joule Unlimited or Sapphire., both are building demonstration plants in New Mexico. Look at Viriet too, Shell is using their technology to build a biofuel refinery.