Boil's Laws — A Lesson in Six Sigma [Comic]

Welcome to the seventh comic in the Boil's Laws comic strip series, brought to ChEnected by artist and chemical engineer Rich Byrnes. You can see a larger version or the first in the series here. Read about the inspiration behind Boil's Laws here.

Has observing a statistically improbable event while evaluating your processes made you wonder about playing the lottery?


Thanks for the humor, I always find such comedy clips useful as team icebreakers in meetings, use in tollgate reviews to add in some healthy humor, or even in training materials to keep things interesting.

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Steven, Thanks for your feedback. There would be nothing more pleasing to me than having Boil's Laws help raise the effectiveness of meetings, reviews or training. This is exactly the type of impact I was hoping the comic strip could bring to our very challenging work as engineers and scientist. Rich

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we need to see more of you.

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Kent;  I would love nothing more than producing more work, however the "Rich Byrnes Boil's Laws Production Studios" are currently working on a limited budget and limited number of available hours. "Life" getting in the way of "living" once again. Who invented the 24 hour day in the first place, obviously someone that didn't have enough to do with their time..........  ;-)