Moiz Says: “Take My Word For It”

Moiz Diwan on the Value of the AIChE Annual Meeting and Membership:

Moiz Diwan

During my PhD, I learned how the energy sector evolved and last year after joining Abbott I learned many new fundamentals pertaining to my new job in pharmaceutical industry. [At the AIChE Annual Meeting] I get to meet all the experts in the respective fields at the same time which is not possible in any other chemical engineering conference. AIChE membership is really valuable as it keeps me updated with the recent developments in the various field of Chemical Engineering. CEP and AIChE SmartBrief give me not only relevant news about chemical industries but also about the new discoveries in energy, pharma, nanotechnology and related research.

Is anyone out there attending AIChE's Annual Meeting this November?

What are you most excited about?

If you're not yet registered, there's still time to make plans to attend.


Kent Harrington's picture

I would also like to understand the evolution of the energy sector. I'm writing articles for the blog and would like to get a better feel for the energy industry. Hoping you could tell me the best books/history/analysis to read. Thanks Kent Harrington