Industrial Water Use and Reuse Workshop

Wednesday, May 1-2, 2013, 8:00am CDT
Event format: 
In-Person / Local
Posted by Derrick Wu
San Antonio, TX
United States

Links to presentations are now available in the workshop program below.

This 1 ½ day workshop, chaired by Ralph Exton (GE Power & Water), was held May 1 -2 in San Antonio, Texas. TheWorkshop examined the various factors that drive decisions about water use and reuse and to identify technologies and strategies to design efficient, productive and economically feasible water reuse and conservation projects.

The purpose of this workshop was to examine various factors that drive decisions about water use and reuse and to identify technologies and strategies to design efficient, productive and economically feasible water reuse and conservation projects.

Session Topics:

  1. Regulatory Climate: The current trends and future regulations that affect decisions for and against water reuse and conservation.
  2. Industry Perspective: An examination of the hurdles and opportunities for water reuse and conservation in industrial sites and to the role of other factors such as scarcity, regulation, and corporate sustainability issues in these decisions.
  3. Technology and Applications: A review of commercialized and developmental technologies for industrial water reuse and conservation and application strategies.
  4. Practical Implementation: This session built on the previous three and consisted of two panels taking the audience through real life water reuse scenarios and how to implement the projects.
  5. Final Panel: The final panel consisted of speakers from the other sessions and was a discussion with the audience on whether industrial water reuse and conservation projects a truly a productive, efficient and economic proposition or a pipe dream.


Workshop Program

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5:00-6:30PM Registration Check-In
6:00-7:00PM Opening Reception

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

7:30-8:00AM Registration Check-in
8:00-8:15AM Welcome Remarks and Workshop Overview - Ralph Exton (GE Power and Water)
8:15-9:15AM Keynote: Rethinking Water Reuse Management - Amanda Brock (Water Solutions)
9:15-10:00AM Coffee Break

Session 1: Regulatory Climate

Session Chair: Jim Goodrich (EPA)

10:00-10:30AM Trends in Water Reuse - James R. Brown (EPA)
10:30-11:00AM Global Trends in Industrial Water Reuse - Jon Freedman (GE Power and Water)
11:00-11:30AM Texas Regulatory Direction for Water Conservation - Julie Klumpyan (Valero)
11:30AM-12:45PM Lunch

Session 2: Industry Perspective

Session Chair: Walker Garrison (Valero)

12:45-1:15PM Follow the Water: Chemical Manufacturing Recycle/Reuse Opportunities and Solutions - Gena Leathers (Dow)
1:15-1:45PM Water Use and Reuse in an Integrated Paper Mill - Carson Barry (NewPage Corporation)
1:45-2:15PM Water Efficiency...For Refineries? - Travis Capps (Valero)
2:15-2:45PM DuPont Sustainable Water Use Solutions - Robin Jenkins (DuPont)
2:45-3:15PM Water Reuse in the Petroleum Industry - Jim Myers (Chevron)
3:15-3:45PM Coffee Break

Session 3: Technology and Applications

Session Chair: Jeanette Brown (University of Connecticut)

3:45-4:15PM Applying Advanced Technologies to Reuse Applications - Erik Hanson (GE Power and Water)
4:15-4:45PM Availability of Models to Estimate & Minimize Greenhouse Emissions & Carbon Footprint of Water Reuse Facilities - James R. Mihelcic (University of South Florida)
4:45-5:15PM Connecting Application Requirements and Fundamental Science: Delivering New Water Component Technologies - Steve Gluck (Dow)
5:15-5:45PM Reuse Now! - Larry Gurnari (Veolia)
5:45-6:45PM Networking Reception

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Session 4: Practical Implementation (Notes)

Session Chair: Loraine Huchler (MarTech Systems)


Title 22 Water Panel

  • Joe Walters (West Basin Municipal Water District) - Recycled Water Supplier
  • Al Pristera (Nalco) - Equipment Supplier
  • Tim Eggert (GE Power and Water) - Water Treatment Supplier
  • Jerry Levine (Water & Power Consult) - Consultant
9:30-10:00AM Coffee Break

Internal Reuse Panel

  • Tara Lee Lanier (Marathon Petroleum) - Plant Regulatory Expert
  • Don Akers (Marathon Petroleum) - Plant Project/Utilities Engineer
  • Michael Goldblatt (Ashland) - Water Treatment Supplier
  • Sid Dunn (Baker Petrolite) - Consultant

Session 5: Final Panel

Session Chair: Tracy Young (Dow)


  • Travis Capps (Valero)
  • James Mihelcic (University of South Florida)
  • Tim Eggert (GE Power & Water)
12:30-12:45PM Closing Remarks and Workshop Wrap-Up - Ralph Exton (GE Power and Water)


Organizing Committee

  • Chair: Ralph Exton, GE Power & Water
  • Jeanette Brown, UConn
  • Walker Garrison, Valero
  • James Goodrich, EPA
  • Loraine Huchler, MarTech Systems
  • Annette Johnston, Abbott
  • Wendy Reed, Chemstations
  • Ari Selvakumar, EPA
  • Laura Watson, GE Power & Water
  • Tracy Young, Dow