NSF Energy-Water Nexus Workshop

Monday, June 10, 2013, 8:00am EDT
Event format: 
In-Person / Local
Posted by Derrick Wu
Arlington, VA
United States

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On June 10-11, 2013 this workshop was held at National Science Foundation (NSF) headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The workshop included four major topics, with parallel breakouts and two opening talks.

The objective of the Workshop on the Energy Water Nexus was to explore the most critical challenges, needs and opportunities associated with the relationship of energy and water. In particular, the workshop examined cross-sector dependencies that introduce vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure and critical resources research that can support cross-cutting solutions that improve the relationship for both sectors simultaneously. The workshop was organized by Mike Hightower (Sandia National Laboratories), Dr. Danny Reible (UT Austin), and Dr. Michael E. Webber (UT Austin).

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June 10, 2013

Opening Session 
8:00-8:05AMWelcoming remarks by Pramod Khargonekar, Assistant Director for the Engineering Directorate, NSF
8:05-8:15AMOpening remarks - Danny Reible (UT)
8:15-8:45AMKeynote: Federal contributions to problem-solving at the energy-water nexus - Holmes Hummel (Senior Policy Advisor, DOE)
8:45-9:00AMObjectives, structure, and admin details of the meeting (UT)
9:00-9:45AMOverview of Energy-Water Nexus - Michael Webber (UT)
Session IWater for the Power Sector
10:00-10:30AMWater Use and Consumption in Electric Power Generation Approaches - Mike Hightower (Sandia)
10:30-11:00AMWater and the Electric Power Sector - Bob Goldstein (EPRI)
11:00AM-12:30PMBreakouts (three groups) to discuss specific topics in the area of barriers (technical, social, and policy) for implementing solutions 
Session IIWater for Fuels Production
2:00-2:30PMWater for Biofuels: Implications for Energy, Food and Environment - Ximing Cai (University of Illinois & Urbana-Champaign)
2:30-3:00PMEnergy & Water - Roland Moreau (ExxonMobil)
3:00-4:30PMBreakouts (three groups) to discuss specific topics in the area of barriers (technical, social, and policy) for implementing solutions
4:30-5:00PMReport back to group for Sessions I & II

 June 11, 2013

Session IIIEnergy for Water
8:30-9:00AMWater and Energy: The Case for Distributed Water Treatment and Desalination Systems - Yoram Cohen (UCLA)
9:00-9:30AMDeveloping Sustainable Energy Solutions in the Water Industry - Ralph Eberts (Black and Veatch)
9:30-11:00AMBreakouts (three groups) to discuss specific topics in the area of barriers (technical, social and policy) 


11:15-11:45AMReport back to group on Session III breakouts
Session IVReporting Back and Social, Behavioral, Policy and Communications Issues
1:00-1:30PMOutreach and Engagement: The Importance of Communication in Maximizing Water-Energy Research Investments - Lorraine White (GEI Consultants)
1:30-2:00PMProfessional Society Support of Energy Water Nexus: Discussion of Models for Leverage and Cooperation - Darlene Schuster (AIChE)
2:00-3:30PMBreakouts to discuss specific topics in the area of social, behavioral, policy and communications issues. One group will be focused specifically on enhancing communication and coordination among professional organizations to aid in the translation of the lessons learned from the workshop to the broader society membership.
3:30-4:00PMRapporteurs and facilitators from each breakout will report back their findings to the broader group. Plus, there will be an opportunity to discuss communications strategies.
4:00-4:15PMClosing comments from organizers and NSF