Municipal Water Use and Reuse Workshop

Monday, September 23-24, 2013, 7:30am EDT
Event format: 
In-Person / Local
Posted by Derrick Wu
Long Beach, CA
United States

This workshop focused on emerging water reuse technologies, success stories regarding implementation of water reuse strategies and technologies, and review of regulatory impediments and incentives for water reuse. Most of the presentations and discussion took place around three key issues: regulations, technology and public relations/outreach. More clearly defined and timely regulations will improve the understanding of water reuse and allow for more efficient water use. Advancing technology will improve the public’s perception about water reuse and will make reuse more economically practical. Outreach is and education is essential to gaining the public’s support of water reuse, which would be a key driver in having more companies and municipalities adopt it.

Session topics:

  1. Regulatory and Economic Drivers
  2. Infrastructures and Resources
  3. Technology
  4. Case Studies
  5. Final Panel


Monday, Sept. 23

7:30-8:00AM Coffee
8:00-8:15AM Workshop Welcome and Introductory Remarks
8:15-9:15AM Keynote: Water Reuse: Water Quality, Water Supply, and Climate Asset
Frances Spivy-Weber, California Water Resources Control Board
9:15-9:45AM Break
9:45-11:45AM Session 1: Regulatory and Economic Drivers

Economic Drivers of Investments in Water Supply Alternatives
David Sunding, UC Berkeley

10:15-10:45AM Residential Graywater Reuse - Critical Review: Regulatory Incentives and Impediments for Onsite Graywater Reuse in the United States
Zita Yu, UCLA
10:45-11:15AM Governance for Sustainable Water Use in the Los Angeles Region in the 21st Century
Madelyn Glickfeld, UCLA
11:15-11:45AM Development of Criteria for Indirect and Direct Potable Reuse
Robert Hultquist, CDPH
11:45AM-1:00PM Lunch

Session 2: Infrastructure and Resources

Session Chair: Val Frenkel, Erler & Kalinowski Inc.

1:00-1:30PM Decentralized Water Reuse Opportunities and Water Conservation
Val Amezquita, James Kemper and Amir Tabakh, LADWP
1:30-2:00PM Decentralized Treatment to Encourage Water Reclmation
Mike Stenstrom, UCLAS
2:00-2:30PM Municipal Water Reuse Implementation: Leveraging Project Success
Joel Bowdan, WateReuse
2:30-3:00PM Q+A/Discussion
3:00-3:30PM Break

Session 3: Technology

Session Chair: Yoram Cohen, UCLA

3:30-4:00PM Can We Achieve Water Reuse Without Membranes?
Val Frenkel, Erler & Kalinowski Inc.
4:00-4:30PM Planning and Benefits of Decentralized Water Reuse
Kevin Lansey, University of Arizona
4:30-5:00PM Water Multi-Reuse: One Source = Five Water Qualities
Marc Serna, West Basin Municipal District
5:00-5:30PM Potable Reuse Equivalency Criteria nad Treatment Train Evaluation
Fred Gerringer, Trussell Technologies
5:30-6:00PM Reception

Tuesday, Sept. 24

7:30-8:00AM Coffee

Session 4: Case Studies

Session Chair: Jim Powell, A&WMA

8:00-8:30AM Recycled Water that Customers Want - Innovation and Competition for Supply in a PPP Driven by Demand for Water
Rod Naylor, Veolia
8:30-9:00AM Orange County's Groundwater Replenishment System
Mike Markus, Orange County
9:00-9:30AM Irvine Ranch Water Recycling - from Disposal Option to Water Reuse
Paul Cook, Irvine Ranch Water District
9:30-10:00AM Q+A/Discussion
10:00-10:30AM Break

Session 5:  Final Panel

  • Yoram Cohen, UCLA
  • Paul Cook, Irvine Ranch Water District
  • Val Frenkel, Erler & Kalinowski Inc.
  • Mike Markus,  Ocean Country Water District
  • Rod Naylor, Veolia
12:00-12:15PM Workshop Closing and Final Remarks

Organizing Committee:

  • Workshop Chair: Yoram Cohen, UCLA
  • Co-chair: Lee Lundberg, Veolia Water
  • Ximing Cai, University of Illinois
  • Evan Flach, AIChE
  • Val Frenkel, Arcadis
  • Gary Gasperino, A&WMA
  • Neil Grigg, Colorado State University
  • Mike Markus, Orange County Water District
  • Jeff Mosher, NWRI
  • Dan Mueller, EDF
  • Jim Powell, A&WMA
  • Darlene Schuster, AIChE
  • Malissa Wood, A&WMA