10th World Congress on Engineering Education (WCEE2015)

Thursday, October 29-30, 2015, 9:00am EET
Event format: 
In-Person / Local
Posted by Derrick Wu

The theme of the Congress is: Engineering Education for Sustaainable Development.

This Congress is organized by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations - Committee of Education in Engineering (WFEO-CEIE) in collaboration with the Federation of Lebanese Engineers (FLE), the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Federation of Arab Engineers (FAE).

The venues of the congress are:

  • Engineering Education, and policy knowledge base relevant to sustainability.
  • Innovations in education and learning research.
  • Education on engineering sustainability, with particular emphasis on socioeconomic and environmental implications.
  • Environmental, energy and societal engineering sustainability.
  • Support for interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary education/learning science research.
  • Development of the cyber structure and research instrumentation needed to enable sustainability in engineering.
  • Effects of accreditation on engineering education for sustainability.
  • Co-curricular activities for learning sustainability.
  • Effective strategies for engaging students in learning about sustainability in engineering.
  • Barriers, Challenges, and Drivers for Universities to become more sustainability-focused.
  • Experiences and lessons learnt from embedding sustainability in engineering curricula.
  • Education for Sustainable Development at Universities in the MENA Region: Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices,
  • Principles and Standards of sustainability in engineering education.
  • Sustainability and industry: Barriers, challenges and best practices.
  • Engineering curricula and sustainability (methodology, programs, ethics, learning applications …).



Abdul Menhem Alameddine, Chairman,
Committee of Education in Engineering/World Federation of Engineering Organizations