Program & Key Dates for NGCS 12

Academia + Science + Industry

The NGCS 12 program will include more than one hundred presentations by experts from academia, science, and industry, representing a wide range of experience, talent and involvement at the forefront of technologies related to the conversion of fossil resources, biomass, and waste to syngas, energy, synthetic natural gas, hydrogen, liquid fuels and chemicals.

In addition to four days of plenary, keynote and oral presentations, the symposium will also include poster sessions featuring a comprehensive collection of work from around the world, and an optional site visit program.

100+ Presentations | Poster Sessions | Award for Excellence in Natural Gas Conversion

Site Visits | Social Program | Premier Networking

Symposium Topics include:

Topic 1 | Production of Synthesis Gas Production and purification of synthesis gas from natural gas; New separation methods

Topic 2 | Synthesis Gas to Fuels and Chemicals Fischer-Tropsch synthesis; Methanol and other oxygenates; MTO / MTG / MTA technology

Topic 3 | Direct Conversion of Methane Coupling to C2, direct conversion to aromatics, oxygenates; New concepts in light gas separation

Topic 4 | Conversion of Light Paraffins Conversion of NGL components (C2 - C4) to base chemicals (olefins, aromatics, etc...); New routes to light olefins displaced by shale

Topic 5 | Natural Gas in Energy Conversion Catalytic combustion; hydrogen and carbon-based products; synthetic natural gas, upgrading of coal and petroleum using natural gas

Topic 6 | Techno-Economic Aspects Process integration to reduce CO2 footprint and capital intensity of methane conversion processes; Techno-economic studies; Technology demonstration; Industrial processes and plant operation; Process simulation and optimization; Gas resources (shale gas and other unconventionals); CO2 management and capture

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June 2-6 12th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium