Learn about interdisciplinary research regarding carbon capture, including CO2 capture & conversion, CO2 storage & EOR, CO2 MVA & risk analysis, and policy & law.


The participating researchers of the RCN-CCUS all have very successful research programs related to some aspects of CCUS. The goal of this RCN-CCUS is not to fund the individual research activities but to create a collaborative research program based on existing research efforts by the participating members. In order to facilitate the joint effort, it would be important to:

  1. Recommend metrics for successful CCUS
  2. Propose methodologies for evaluating CCUS technologies
  3. Select boundaries to provide a uniform basis for decision support

This can only be achieved by integrating technical understanding with the policy discussions and public consensus. This leads to our objective to facilitate a dialogue across discipline borders. Such a trans-disciplinary approach has involved work in a virtual environment as well as face-to-face. The following is the specific approaches that this RCN-CCUS take to create multidisciplinary research coordination on CCUS.

  • Annual Symposiums
  • Bi-Annual Workshops
  • Bi-Monthly Seminars via Web-conferencing
  • Student exchange program

Research Topics

Researcher Highlights

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