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2019 AIChE Salary Survey: Overview

Salary Survey
The results of AIChE’s biennial salary survey are in, revealing positive advances for the chemical engineering profession. The median annual salary of respondents to the 2019 survey is $126,000 — a 1.6% increase over the 2017 median of $124,000.

Listen Up!

Career Catalyst
Bruce D. Smith, Nikki Bishop
It may seem easy, but good listening requires effort and practice. Follow these tips and learn to listen like a pro.

Boost Your Career by Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Career Corner
Loraine Kasprzak
December is here, and along with celebrating the holiday season, many of us are thinking about making New Year’s resolutions. If you are contemplating quitting smoking, losing weight, exercising more, or saving more money, you are not alone. These...

Moving Across the World in Your 30s

November 27, 2017

Ever longed to work abroad as a chemical engineer? Hear one chemical engineer's story of moving to Russia with her family for a multi-year opportunity.

Houston Process Safety Faculty Workshop

November 20, 2017

AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety will present a chemical engineering faculty workshop sponsored by LyondellBasell in Houston on January 8-11, 2018.

Preparing Chemical Engineering Students for Industry

Critical Issues
Joseph Alford, Thomas F. Edgar
Many chemical engineering courses do not reflect current practices in the chemical process industries (CPI). How should the core curriculum change to better align undergraduate training with industry needs?

Chemically Reacting Flow: Theory, Modeling, and Simulation, Second Edition

October, 2017
This book develops fundamental concepts in fluid mechanics and physical chemistry while helping students and professional develop the analytical and simulation skills needed to solve read-world engineering problems. New material in the second edition includes reactive porous-media flows and...

AIChE 35 Under 35: Energy

August 24, 2017

Meet three more winners of the AIChE 35 Under 35 awards and learn about their diverse work and backgrounds.

AIChE 35 Under 35: Bioengineering

August 10, 2017

With support from the AIChE Foundation, AIChE and its Young Professional Committee (YPC) are honoring 35 notable young professionals under the age of 35. In this post, read interviews from winners in the category of bioengineering.

YPOV: Maintain Work-Life Balance as a New Parent

Emily Frangenberg
t is no easy task to meet deadlines and stay focused at work while battling the exhaustion of caring for a newborn. For chemical engineers who have demanding careers, it may never seem like the right time to start a family. Take comfort in knowing that many AIChE members have done it before and they are willing to share their experiences. Here are some tips for staying organized and effective at work as a new mom or dad.

Career Corner: Coping with Stress at Work

Career Corner
Loraine Kasprzak
Americans are spending more time working and less time sleeping, according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s American Time Use Survey. With longer hours spent at our jobs, many of us are experiencing more workplace stress. We face seemingly endless...
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