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  1. CEP: Software

    CEP Magazine article, August 2015

  2. Hydroprocessing for Clean Energy: Design, Operation, and Optimization


    This book provides a holistic approach that looks at changing process conditions, possible process design changes, and process technology upgrades. It includes process integration techniques for improving process designs and for applying optimization techniques for improved operations, with a focus...

  3. CEP: Software

    CEP Magazine article, June 2015

  4. Poster Title Index

    Metabolic Engineering Conference, 2018

    Index of Poster Abstracts Rapid Fire Poster Session 1 Poster Session 1 Rapid Fire Poster Session 2 Poster Session 2 Rapid Fire Poster Session 3 Poster Session 3 Rapid Fire Poster Session 1 (Sunday, June 26, 2016, 6:00-6:30PM) Order # Title Presenter Page 1 Flux Control at the Malonyl-CoA Node...

  5. Terms and Conditions

    Book Page

    Terms and Conditions The recipient of the Chemical Reactivity Worksheet software and documentation agrees to the following guidelines and restrictions: Use and Distribution Guidelines and Restrictions The Chemical Reactivity Worksheet software is available at no charge to those organizations and individuals (recipients) responsible for the safe handling of chemicals. However, some of the chemical data itself is subject to the copyright restrictions of the companies or organizations that provided the data. In particular: CAS registry numbers, CAS synonyms, and CAS molecular formulas have been...

  6. Chemical Reactivity Worksheet 4.0

    Book Page

    Chemical Reactivity Worksheet 4.0 The Chemical Reactivity Worksheet (CRW) is a free software program you can use to find out about the chemical reactivity of thousands of common hazardous chemicals, compatibility of absorbents, and suitability of materials of construction in chemical processes. Versions of the Chemical Reactivity Worksheet (CRW) were developed by collaboration of several organizations including the Center for Chemical Process Safety, Environmental Protection Agency, NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration, The Materials Technology Institute, Dow Chemical Company, Dupont...

  7. CEP: Software

    CEP Magazine article, May 2015

  8. Yanbu Industrial City hosts 4th Saudi YPC & AspenTech Workshop on Economic Assessments for Process Engineers

    Blog Post

    The Saudi YPC organized a technical workshop under the topic of “economic assessments for process engineers” on November 15, 2016. This was the 4th of a series of technical workshops that are sponsored and delivered by AspenTech. Saudi YPC’s partnership with AspenTech, a platinum...

  9. New Products: July 2018

    CEP Magazine article, July 2018

    Software Detection Algorithm Improves Data Analysis LabSolutions Insight software for liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and gas chromatography analysis uses i-PeakFinder, an advanced peak-detection algorithm with high-precision automated peak integration. The software is intuitive and has...

  10. CEP: Software

    CEP Magazine article, April 2015