3rd Optogenetic Technologies and Applications Conference | AIChE

The 3rd Optogenetic Technologies and Applications Conference will showcase advances in optogenetics and bring together different branches of the optogenetic community. The conference will include approaches in neuronal and non-neuronal optogenetics as well as in material science and unicellular organisms. Discover how these approaches are being promoted to initial translation across the life sciences. 

Grant and Funding Opportunities Available

Thanks to a generous grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG) we can offer up to $300 in conference registration reimbursements for anyone with a PhD. Funding is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Apply for funding now!

There may be additional support available to attend the 3rd Optogenetic Technologies and Applications Conference for US-based students, post docs, and early career academic professionals can also apply for funding to get sponsored registration for this event.

This conference will have the highest density of leading scientists in optogenetics. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about unpublished research, foster new collaborations and see how optogenetics is promoted towards industrial application.

Featured Speakers

Keynote Speaker Ed Boyden on the Importance of Optogenetics

Ed Boyden, Ph.D., the Y. Eva Tan Professor in Neurotechnology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a keynote speaker, discusses the importance of optogenetics, breakthroughs in the field, and what he predicts for the future of optogenetics.

Top Reasons to Present

  • Identify colleagues who might use your research in a collaboration
  • Identify trends that might influence your current research
  • Increase your international visibility
  • Collaborate with dynamic researchers while receiving practical input
  • Gain exposure to an attentive, well-informed audience at each talk (no parallel competing sessions)


  • New Intracellular Optogenetic Tools
  • Bacterial Optogenetics
  • Optogenetics in Biomedicine
  • Optogenetics in Cell Signaling
  • Neuroscience and Optogenetics
  • Biotechnology Application in Optogenetics
  • Optogenetics in Material Sciences
  • Extracellular Optogenetics

This conference brings together leaders in diverse areas of optogenetics, from neurobiology to cell signaling and biotechnology. It is an exciting venue to engage with the broad optogenetics community and see where this field is headed in the coming years.
Jeffrey Tabor, Keynote, Rice University

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Obtain a broad view of the recent applications and developments in optogenetics, and gain insight into where trends in the field are heading
  • Benefit from creative input from colleagues working in allied fields, and develop new collaborations
  • Enjoy a slate of exceptional guest speakers presenting the state-of-the-art in optogenetics 
  • Share experiences, new tools, and strategies in the meeting’s intimate, familiar discussion settings
  • Network with international researchers, and meet editors of key journals
  • Make your presence known in this rapidly advancing field
  • Collaborate with the highest density of leading international scientists in optogenetics 

Who Should Attend

  • Cell biologists in academia and industry at all levels
  • Scientists in industry 
  • Representatives of the optical industry 
  • Students and senior researchers 
  • Industry decision makers/ tech scouts looking to speed up research and foster new applications

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