2nd Optogenetic Technologies and Applications Conference | AIChE

The 2nd Optogenetic Technologies and Applications Conference aims to touch upon an international audience to obtain a broad view of the recent advances in developing and applying interdisciplinary perspectives of optogenetics. The program will explore a broad range of topics including applications in neurobiology, biochemical, and biomedical research.

I’m looking forward to this meeting, which is being presented on an intimate scale compared to most professional meetings. The program is focused on optogenetics, yet it is diverse and interdisciplinary, allowing for cross-fertilization of perspectives. Also, with no competing sections, attendees can maximize their exposure to the full meeting content.
Optogenetic Technologies and Applications 2021 brings together the leaders in the field - the opportunity for learning about latest research and trends and for establishing and growing your network in the optogenetics community
Wilfried Weber, Conference Co-Chair

Advances in Optogenetic Technologies

Optogenetics in Cell Signalling

Gene Editing and Epigenetic Applications

Optogenetics in Biomedicine

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