2nd Optogenetic Technologies and Applications | AIChE

The 2nd Optogenetic Technologies and Applications Conference aims to touch upon an international audience to obtain a broad view of the recent advances in developing and applying interdisciplinary perspectives of optogenetics. 

Advances in Optogenetic Technologies

Optogenetics in Cell Signalling

Gene Editing and Epigenetic Applications

Optogenetics in Biomedicine

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Optogenetic Technologies and Applications 2021 brings together the leaders in the field - the opportunity for learning about latest research and trends and for establishing and growing your network in the optogenetics community
Wilfried Weber, Conference Co-Chair

Chairing Committee

  • Emilia Entcheva
    George Washington University
  • Wilfried Weber
    University of Friedburg

Steering Committtee

  • Martin Fussenegger
    ETH Zurich
  • Seraphine Wegner
    University of Munster, Germany
  • Chandra Tucker
    University of Colorado
  • Aránzazu Del Campo
    Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Germany
  • Manolis Tzanakakis
    Tuft University
  • Mark Gomalsky
    University of Wyoming