2nd Space Travel: Adaptive Research and Technologies from Biological and Chemical Engineering (STAR Tech)

November 18-20, 2019
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This conference will focus on space travel technology and capability needs, in an effort to accelerate the development of commercial and non-commercial space exploration.

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Session Topics:

  1. Brewing - This topic area will focus on how to develop fermentation for the production of useful molecules to support a sustainable presence on Earth and in space.
  2. Fueling - This topic area will focus on how to develop chemical and material technologies for efficient and reliable processing of fuel and energy storage.
  3. Nourishing - This topic area will focus on sustainable strategies of producing nutritious and palatable foods with the dual purpose of supporting food security on Earth and optimal crew health in space. 
  4. Building - This topic area will focus on developing new chemical, biological, and material science approaches to building components and techniques, for feasible survival in space and sustainable survival on Earth.
  5. Reclaiming - This topic area will focus on chemical, biological, and material technologies that optimize resource utilization through reuse and reprocessing of existing “waste” streams.

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Featured Speakers

Dr. Sean Simpson

Dr. Sean Simpson is a Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of LanzaTech, a global leader in gas fermentation. Under Dr. Simpson’s leadership, the company has developed and scaled a gas fermentation process technology and established a broad and unique patent portfolio covering all areas of gas fermentation, including fermentation processes and microbes, gaseous feedstock handling, and product and waste handling. Dr. Simpson has over 20 publications and 200patents. He has received a number of awards including the 2015 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Presidential Green Chemistry...Read more