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Each issue of CEP is packed with practical information you can apply to current or future projects. Gain insight on technical issues like safety, environmental management, fluids and solids handling, reactions and separations, information technology, and more. AIChE members have complete access to all issues online.

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CEP: April 2012

This month, CEP's Back to Basics looks at minimizing the risks of flammable materials. Also covered are bulk solids segregation problems, Taiwan’s chemical industry, news about the latest in chemical engineering, from nanoglue to carbon management and a progress report on the recovery of Japan’s chemical industry.

CEP: March 2012

In March, CEP features include controlling corrosion in cooling towers, optimizing energy use in distillation, safe use of nitrogen, change management for engineers, and much more.

CEP: February 2012

February’s issue of CEP magazine looks at heat exchanger baffling and environmental law for chemical engineers, plus offers tips for dealing with yield-stress slurries and much more.

CEP: January 2012

This month CEP kicks off a series of articles about engineers and social media and also launches YPOV, a new column for Young Professionals, which looks this month at how community service and volunteer activities can provide exceptional opportunities for career building.

CEP: December 2011

This month, CEP Magazine features a look at using practical thermodynamics for process simulation, in addition to covering a variety of other topics from nanotechnology to pumps and the South Korean chemical industry.

CEP: November 2011

This month, CEP takes a close look at vaccines, from basic approaches for vaccine creation to safety and manufacturing.

CEP: October 2011

The October issue of CEP Magazine looks at wastewater treatment technologies, using automation in pharmaceutical production, the reduction of compressed air costs, and more.

CEP: September 2011

This month, CEP looks at measuring temperature by direct contact, solids and fluids handling, eye protection, and much more.

CEP: August 2011

In August, CEP features a special supplement on carbon capture and storage, bioreactor designs for chemical engineers, challenges and perspectives on the chemical industry in Brazil, and the importance of trade shows.

CEP: July 2011

The July issue features pilot plants and includes features on mastering baffle tray capacity, reducing piloting time and cost, developing screening cost estimates, and much more.

CEP: June 2011

The big focus of CEP this June is industry salaries. See the complete 2011 salary survey, plus read about selecting a heat exchanger shell, and Japan's chemical industry.

CEP: May 2011

This month, CEP Magazine delves into the world of nanotechnology and its potential for major advances in medicine, productivity, sustainability, and quality of life. Included this month: a downloadable primer to nano-objects, covering common shapes, sizes, and compositions.