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CEP: May 2007

I'd like to let you know about some recent developments that show how AIChE continues to be a leader when it comes to cooperative activities with other professional societies.

CEP: April 2007

As I was sitting at the SCI's Chemical Industry Medal Award dinner last month, I was inspired by the words of Raj Gupta, chairman, president and CEO of Rohm and Haas Co., and recipient of the 2007 Chemical Industry Medal...

CEP: March 2007

Returning to the petrochemical heartland after a six-year absence, the 2007 Spring National Meeting arrives in Houston on April 22-27. The timing couldn't be better.

CEP: February 2007

After taking three months of maternity leave, I've finally made my way back into the workforce. And now that I've welcomed the latest addition to my family, it's appropriate for me to update you on the latest additions to CEP...

CEP: January 2007

The capabilities and competencies needed to become a successful manager in the chemical industry keep evolving as businesses globalize.

CEP: December 2006

Almost without exception, the chemical engineers attending the 2006 AIChE Annual Meeting in San Francisco last month seemed excited about the future of our profession.

CEP: November 2006

I began my first international engineering project on January 27, 1986. A project team of French, Italian, and American chemical engineers gathered in a brand new laboratory building in Chauny, France to initiate a plant expansion.

CEP: October 2006

Some of you may know that I was injured near the end of 2004, the year during which I was AIChE President. I am still in the process of recovery, but have returned to work and am again involved in activities related to AIChE.

CEP: September 2006

When thinking about the chemical engineering profession of the future, it is helpful to first examine the past, specifically for the purpose of identifying the core developments that collectively defined the field...

CEP: August 2006

As a matter of course, humans typically seek out people with common visions, morals, perspectives and passions, and tend to shy away from interaction with individuals with whom they seem to share little on an intellectual, professional or moral le

CEP: July 2006

Today's painfully high energy prices have sparked a discussion and debate about our seemingly ever-expanding appetite for oil and gas.