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CEP: November 2015

Liquid-liquid extraction is an important separation technology for a wide range of applications in the chemical process industries (CPI). This month's cover article on liquid-liquid extraction discusses the basics and provides guidance on how to select the appropriate solvent and extraction equipment. Other topics in this issue include toxicology, patents: recognizing novelty, and Malaysia's chemicals industries.

CEP: October 2015

Life cycle assessment (LCA) has become widely recognized as an effective tool for assessing the resource use, environmental burdens, and human health impacts connected with the complete life cycle of products, processes, and activities. Other topics this month include independent consulting and Israel's chemicals industry.

CEP: September 2015

Learn about the different polyolefin production processes, their key operating parameters, and ways to use automation for improved quality control and higher throughput. Other topics this month include liquid nitrogen cooling, batch process automation and process safety.

CEP: August 2015

A special section on natural gas discusses opportunities and challenges, electric power, chemical synthesis, and trasportation. Other topics in this issue include instrumentation and mixing.

CEP: July 2015

This month's cover article, "Do Your Due Diligence," provides guidance on how to conduct a comprehensive due diligence assessment. Other topics in this issue include SIS sensors, choosing impellers, synthetic biology and South Africa's Chemicals Industry.

CEP: June 2015

The results of AIChE's biennial salary survey, which were discussed in an article printed in the June issues of Chemical Engineering Progress, cast a favorable light on the chemical engineering profession.

CEP: May 2015

The four pillars of industrial energy efficiency — operational improvements, effective maintenance, engineered improvements, and new technologies — represent the types of opportunities that can boost plant performance and achieve excellence in energy efficiency across the CPI. Other topics in this issue include successful projects, chemical looping, the future of the lecture, and Turkey's chemicals industry.

CEP: April 2015

Learn how to improve your management of change system by training workers to recognize hazards as indicators of change. Other topics this month include steam traps, tight oil, and humanitarian chemical engineering.

CEP: March 2015

This issue's Society for Biological Engineering supplement focuses on biofuels. It's articles explore the need for biofuels; producing biofuels from lignocellulose by thermochemical conversion, fermentation of sugar, and via carboxylate salts. Scaling up bioenergy technologies and the commercial-scale production of lignocellulosic biofuels are also discussed. Other topics in this issue include process safety lessons learned and modeling aqueous electrolyte systems.

CEP: February 2015

"Ethics - Examining Your Engineering Responsibility" looks at several well-known incidents, focusing on their nontechnical causes. It then discusses how to avoid potentially difficult spots and what you might do if you find yourself in one. Other topics in this issue include controlling column pressure via hot-vapor bypass, modeling chemical reactors, and measuring viscosity.

CEP: January 2015

Sustainability is a path of continuous improvement, wherein the products and services required by society are delivered with progressively less negative impact upon the Earth. A special section on measuring sustainability discusses sustainability trends in the chemical industry, using the P-graph framework to design supply chains for sustainability and recovering metals from electronic wastes. Other topics in this issue include construction management, chemical reactivity in Process Hazard Analysis and heat transfer fluids.

CEP: December 2014

Thirty years ago this month, the worst chemical accident in history occurred. The catastrophic release of of methyl isocyanate from a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, resulted in thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries. Two articles and the Process Safety Beacon in this issue review some of the lessons learned from that tragic incident. Other topics this month include fine-particle filtration, avoiding fluidization pitfalls and robust process control.