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CEP: November 2016

Food irradiation is one of the least understood food processing technologies. This month’s On the Horizon article discusses the science, technology, and current applications of two methods of food irradiation.

CEP: October 2016

Sherlock Holmes is renowned for his ability to develop significant insights into the causes and perpetrators of difficult criminal cases that others miss. In process safety, we similarly need to investigate what went wrong after a process incident to determine how future incidents can be prevented. This month's Back to Basics article describes the basics of conducting an incident investigation.

CEP: September 2016

This issue’s SBE supplement showcases recent advances in synthetic biology. The first two articles examine new additions to the synthetic biology toolbox — massively parallel DNA synthesis and CRISPR-Cas systems. The final article in the supplement describes how one company found commercial success by establishing an integrated computational and experimental bioengineering platform that harnesses the synthetic biology toolbox.

CEP: August 2016

Chemical engineers often pick up the use of spreadsheets in a haphazard fashion, and many practitioners miss out on key features and skills in applying Microsoft Excel.

CEP: July 2016

Fuel cells for mobile and stationary applications offer efficient and reliable energy. Work to limit emissions from hydrogen fuel generation and implement a hydrogen infrastructure is underway.

CEP: June 2016

This issue's special supplement stems from a workshop on commercializing industrial biotechnology that the Society for Biological Engineering sponsored recently.

CEP: May 2016

Many CPI companies have started selecting fixed valves. Read about the benefits they provide, including better reliability, fouling resistance, and more robust valve designs.

CEP: April 2016

This month's Back to Basics article on mammalian cell culture describes how mammalian cells are derived, their utility, and the proceses that harness their full potential.

CEP: March 2016

Big data is a big topic with a lot of potential. The articles in this month's special section explore the topic of big data analytics and its potential for the CPI. Other topics in this issue include PID features and options and optimizing fermenter operation.

CEP: February 2016

Process safety performance indicators (PSPIs) are performance metrics that indicate when a process safety accident is most likely to occur. The key to an effective PSPI program is selecting the right PSPIs. This month’s safety article explains the barrier-based and tier-based approaches for selecting PSPIs.

CEP: January 2016

Conventions in the workplace have undergone a dramatic makeover in recent decades. In many cases, employees are encouraged to take the unconventional path and offer an original perspective. As a result, standing out has become the new fitting in. Other topics this month include Navigating oil price volatility, the PID equation and minimizing legionella risk.

CEP: December 2015

This SBE supplement covers the development of continuous processing techniques in upstream and downstream biopharmaceutical processes. It also details factors that are impeding end-to-end implementation of continuous biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and points out that despite some misconceptions, regulators such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), encourage, rather than prevent, continuous processing. Other topics in this issue include cyclic ditillation and France's chemical industry.