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CEP: November 2002

From bench-scale chemists to process engineers - industry professionals are increasingly aware of the need to improve the drug development process.

CEP: October 2002

We're not talking about heat transfer here. If you're the parent of an adolescent, you know that expression means "relax"- as in "Chill out, Mom, this purple hair dye will fade."...

CEP: September 2002

When it comes to dealing with carbon dioxide, it may be more reasonable to sidestep the argument over whether it is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions because they contribute to global warming and simply accept that the argument is over...

CEP: August 2002

The special section in this issue (following p. 32) will help you as you explore that question.

CEP: July 2002

Despite today's tough economy, the financial outlook for chemical engineers is looking good.

CEP: June 2002

Cultural change necessarily involves resistance to change. This sentiment often rings true for advancements in technology.

CEP: May 2002

After the events of September 11, supply-chain logistics will never be the same. Much like when we travel to the airport, there will be tighter security, more restrictions and slower clearances...

CEP: April 2002

Global climate change, alternative energy options, and the viability of nuclear energy - these are all issues that affect us on all levels.

CEP: March 2002

More and more chemical engineers are becoming leaders and innovators in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical sector of the chemical engineering industries.

CEP: February 2002

Any discussion of energy and the environment is not complete without an engineer's perspective of the present and future scenario for fuel cells.

CEP: January 2002

In November, I asked our readers "Where Are We Headed?" This was not exactly an easy question to answer. And unlike a mathematical equation, there is no one correct answer...

CEP: December 2001

We have a professional responsibility to do what we can as chemical engineers to counter the success of terrorism.