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  1. Advanced Manufacturing Progress: Distributed Manufacturing for the Process Industries

    CEP Magazine article, October 2019

    At the RAPID Manufacturing Institute, we spend a great deal of time thinking about how we can shape the future of the U.S. chemical process industries (CPI). This means working with RAPID members to define both the technical concepts that underpin process intensification (PI) and modular processing...

  2. Advanced Manufacturing Progress: RAPID Steps Toward Sustainability

    CEP Magazine article, August 2019

    Global challenges related to economic development, environmental protection, and social equality — such as conflicts triggered by drought in Africa, toxic chemical releases in India, over-exploitation of resources in the oceans and forests, and extreme hunger and poverty in developing countries —...

  3. Advanced Manufacturing Progress: Intensification of Fast Pyrolysis

    CEP Magazine article, June 2019

    Fast pyrolysis is one of many processes being developed to convert biomass into advanced biofuels and other energy and chemical products. In fast pyrolysis, biomass is rapidly heated to about 500°C to release volatile compounds that are quickly withdrawn from the reactor and condensed to produce...

  4. Advanced Manufacturing Progress: Membranes Are a Flexible Intensification Solution

    CEP Magazine article, April 2019

    Membranes can be used in a diverse array of industries and applications. They are an inherently intensified technology that are typically constructed as small units that can be numbered-up to increase scale. Membranes are an obvious focus area for the RAPID Manufacturing Institute, which is working to further their development and application.

  5. Special Section: Process Intensification (complete 29-page section)

    CEP Magazine article, March 2019

    Process Intensification in Practice; RAPID's Quest for Intensification; Introduction to Dividing-Wall Columns; A Building Block Approach to PI; Simulation and Digitalization for Modular PI

  6. A Building Block Approach to Process Intensification

    CEP Magazine article, March 2019

    This new approach represents chemical processes as abstract blocks arranged in a two-dimensional grid. Mathematical-programming-based optimization can identify the best design for intensification at the equipment and flowsheet levels.

  7. Introduction to Dividing-Wall Columns

    CEP Magazine article, March 2019

    A dividing wall can be added within a distillation column to improve separation efficiency of three or more products.

  8. Process Instensification in Practice

    CEP Magazine article, March 2019

    A paradigm shift is underway in the process industries. For over 100 years, these industries have maintained that processes were most efficiently treated as a series of standardized unit operations, and that cost-effective scale-up occurred by increasing equipment size to take advantage of...

  9. RAPID’s Quest for Intensification

    CEP Magazine article, March 2019

    These and other RAPID-funded ventures could transform industry by making chemical processes cleaner, smaller, safer, and more energy-efficient.

  10. Using Simulation and Digitalization for Modular Process Intensification

    CEP Magazine article, March 2019

    These tools enable engineers to create a digital twin of a process, which can be key to developing new technologies and testing them virtually at a rapid pace.