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  1. CEP: News Update

    CEP Magazine article, April 2014

    How Well Are We Preparing ChE Students for Industry?; Climate FAQs: Science Academies Answer 20 Questions; Electronic Shrink Wrap Conforms to a Beating Heart; Biomass and Sunlight Cooperate to Produce Electricity; and more.

  2. CEP: AIChE Journal Highlight - Natural Gas Transforms the Chemical Industry

    CEP Magazine article, March 2014

    The recent development of new sources of shale-gas methane and shale-gas condensate will significantly impact fuels and chemical feedstocks in the U.S. and around the world, says Jeffrey Siirola of Purdue Univ. and Carnegie Mellon Univ. in the March AIChE Journal Perspective article, “The Impact of Shale Gas in the Chemical Industry.”

  3. CEP: News Update

    CEP Magazine article, March 2014

    Silicon Anode Gets a Fruity Makeover; New Anode Provides a Home for Plus-Sized Na+ Ions; A Flicker of Hope for Nonflammable Li-Ion Batteries; Bio-Inspired Glass Is Bendable; and more.

  4. CEP: Catalyzing Commercialization - Turning a Problem into a Cure for Increased Ethanol Yield

    CEP Magazine article, January 2014

    The beneficial microbes that convert milk into yogurt and act in our guts to promote digestive health cause big problems in ethanol fermentation tanks. These lactic acid bacteria (LAB) proliferate in ethanol feedstock and inhibit growth of ethanol-producing yeast — which slows down fermentation, reduces biofuel yield by as much as 20% per pound of input material, and results in production shutdowns due to contamination. The most common control measures, chemical antimicrobials such as antibiotics, do not eliminate LAB. Additionally, the potential for antibiotic residue limits the marketability of dried distillers grains, a byproduct of the fermentation process used as animal feed. Ecolyse Inc., based in College Station, TX, is working to address this issue by developing products to treat bacterial contamination.

  5. CEP: News Update

    CEP Magazine article, January 2014

    Harmless Virus Helps Assemble Li-O2 Cathode for Batteries; A Sticky Solution for Tissue Engineering; Biopatch Catalyzes Bone Regeneration; Shape-Shifting Material Heats Up; and more

  6. CEP: AIChE Journal Highlight - Survival of the Fittest: an Economic Perspective on novel Biofuels

    CEP Magazine article, December 2013

    Drop-in biofuels — so named because they can be blended with current fuels in any proportion without modifying existing infrastructure — for the transportation sector have attracted increasing attention. In general, these liquid fuels offer several advantages over first-generation biofuels...

  7. Optimize Energy Use in Industrial Cooling Systems

    CEP Magazine article, November 2013

    Potential energy savings for chilled-water cooling systems are often overlooked. A detailed review of the cooling system along with the appropriate temperature and flowrate measurements will help you identify ways to cash in on these savings.

  8. CEP: News Update

    CEP Magazine article, November 2013

    Genetically Engineered Yeast Consume Toxic Byproduct; New Device Performs Double Duty; Simulations Shine Light on Future Solar Materials; Closing the Voltage Gap; and more.

  9. Special Section: Energy (Full 32-Page Supplement)

    CEP Magazine article, October 2013

    Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Basics; Raw Material Considerations; Component Materials; Endless Uses

  10. Special Section: Energy - Lithium-Ion Batteries: Endless Uses

    CEP Magazine article, October 2013

    Lithium-ion batteries can be tailored to suit a range of products in almost any industry. This article describes the main applications for which these batteries are used, and explores some of the challenges hindering future advances.