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CEP: November 2014

A 28-page SBE supplement, entitled "A Decade of Progress," looks at the progress made in genomics, bionanotechnology, stem cell engineering and biofuels. Other topics this month include fluidization and robust process control.

CEP: October 2014

Read about various powder characterization tests and how variations in humidity can affect the properties of powders. Other topics this month include improving boiler efficiency, bioseparations, and global outlook: Russia.

CEP: September 2014

Some materials are more vulnerable to supply disruptions than others. This month's cover feature on critical materials introduces methods to identify at-risk critical materials, and outlines general strategies to address challenges related to these materials. Other article topics include: solid-fluid equilibrium modeling; DOE's Superior Energy Performance program; and identifying energy-saving process improvements.

CEP: August 2014

The electric-power grid is being tranformed into a smarter netwrok — one that could bring significant benefits to the chemical process industries. Learn what a smart grid is and how you can participate. Other topics this month include spray nozzle selection; calculating plant capacity; and Saudi Arabia's chemicals industry.

CEP: July 2014

Read about how embedding a rigorous heat exchanger model within an established simulation environment can help you increase process yields, while minimizing heat exchanger energy consumption and capital expenditure. Other articles include: Are there "Gorillas" in Your Plant?; Characterizing Particle Size and Shape; and Troubleshooting Acid-Gas Removal Systems.

CEP: June 2014

Thermal insulation comes in a variety of forms as well as different materials. This month's cover story discusses material selection for mechanical insulation used in the chemical process industries, with particular emphasis on new materials and new applications of old materials. Other topics in this issue include catalytic pollution-control technologies, pressure sensors, and Chile's mining and chemicals industries.

CEP: May 2014

Refineries may appear complicated at first glance. This month's Back to Basics article, An Oil Refinery Walk-Through, describes the basic building blocks of a fuels refinery from crude oil inlet to fuels distribution.

CEP: April 2014

This month's cover story on industrial water reuse reviews water-reclamation technologies and explains how to determine whether water reuse is a feasible option for your plant.

CEP: March 2014

This month's cover story focuses on the basics of solid-liquid equilibrium as the foundation for crystaliization process development and how to use SLE data in designing a feasible process.

CEP: February 2014

The Boiler MACT regulation requires owners of industrial, commercial, and institutional boilers to apply maximum achievable control technology (MACT) to limit emissions of hazardous air pollutants, specifically carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride, mercury, and either particulate matter or total selected metals. The rule provides compliance options that include pollution-abatement equipment, work practices, and energy efficiency improvements. An energy management and reporting system (EMRS) can be part of a plant's compliance strategy. This month's cover feature outlines an approach to EMRS implementation for work practices, advanced controls, and automated reporting systems that sources can use to comply with the regulation. Other topics in this issue include: take the FUN out of process safety; distillation column revamps; and Argentina's chemicals industry.

CEP: January 2014

Read about the 21 most influential contributions in mixing research. Other topics include designing multistage agitated reactors; fermentation fundamentals; steam trap management; and process measurements.

CEP: December 2013

This month's cover story on flame arresters presents information to help you determine what type of device is appropriate for your application.