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CEP: November 2013

This month's SBE supplement on biochemical engineering honors Danny I. C. Wang, Institute Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and founding chair of the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE). The articles in this supplement, written by several of his former students, describe his leadership, pioneering spirit, teachings, entrepreneurship,and scientific research, as well as present their own current research that was inspired by Danny's teachings and vision.

CEP: October 2013

A 32-page special supplement on lithium-ion batteries covers the basics, raw material considerations, component materials, and applications. Other topics in this issue include root-cause PSM auditing and relief-device sizing.

CEP: September 2013

This month's cover story provides guidelines for selecting the most-effective chemical protective clothing for your work environment and task. Other topics include financial indicators and safety in the hazardous-waste industry.

CEP: August 2013

Find out what you need to know to work effectively with a burner manufacturer when selecting a burner for your application. Other topics include cooling tower fill, process analytical technology, and process mapping.

CEP: July 2013

Read about the potential dangers associated with the handling and storage of hydrogen, and how to mitigate these risks. Other topics include reactive chemistry, compressor performance testing, biology, shale Gas Economics and the 2013 AIChE election candidate platforms.

CEP: June 2013

Read an expanded version of the 2013 AIChE Salary Survey article that appeared in print in the June 2013 issue of CEP.

CEP: May 2013

This month's On the Horizon article introduces the concept of dynamic risk analysis based on alarm databases.

CEP: April 2013

"Understand the Basics of Membrane Filtration," this month's cover story, compares some of the liquid-phase membrane technologies commonly used in the chemical process industries.

CEP: March 2013

The SBE supplement on drug delivery explores some emerging technologies for drug delivery. Other topics this month include Coriolis meters, process flow failure mode (PFFM) analysis and licensure as a professional engineer.

CEP: February 2013

This month's cover story discusses how many types of "used" water may be appropriate as cooling tower makeup. Other topics include: troubleshooting maldistribution on trays; units of measurement; cold steam traps; and Denmark's chemical industry.

CEP: January 2013

This month's cover story provides loop tuning guidelines to help improve process control and enhance product uniformity. Other articles include: Shale Gas Brightens Outlook for U.S. Chemicals; Streamline Your Process Hazard Analysis; and Optimizing an Organic Rankine Cycle. Also read about the latest developments in energy, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and materials.

CEP: December 2012

The December SBE supplement focuses on biological nanothechnology. Other topics include improving energy efficiency, measuring water level in steam loops, and the evolution of the chemicals industry in the U.K.