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CEP: July 2003

For those of you wondering what exactly is on the cover of this month's CEP, step back nearly 500 years ago and think chymistry, the archaic spelling of chemistry, which was once synonymous with alchemy...

CEP: June 2003

Gender issues continue to be a source of heated discussions.

CEP: May 2003

Back in late February, many of you may have received an email survey asking your opinion about the value of CEP and whether or not we should be placing more emphasis on the online version...

CEP: April 2003

People are the most important asset when it comes to developing or refining technology. "Without intellectual capital, steel and concrete in the ground are unlikely to meet long-term profitability requirements,"said William H.

CEP: March 2003

Using the logo RIF, a public service announcement once proclaimed "Reading Is Fundamental."When it comes to this month's cover topic of sustainability, we can also say RIF, here meaning "Research Is Fundamental."...

CEP: February 2003

Pollution control and pratical economics don't always go hand-in hand. In fact, they have often been at odds with each other.

CEP: January 2003

Recently, I attended a working lunch with volunteers who are organizing a new topical conference for the 2003 Spring National Meeting - Using Information Technology (IT) to Increase Profitability and Productivity - and the question came up, "What

CEP: December 2002

Tackling sensitive and timely issues that impact the general public and in which chemical engineers can play a key role is the continuing theme of the Critical Issue Series (CIS; p. 15)...

CEP: November 2002

From bench-scale chemists to process engineers - industry professionals are increasingly aware of the need to improve the drug development process.

CEP: October 2002

We're not talking about heat transfer here. If you're the parent of an adolescent, you know that expression means "relax"- as in "Chill out, Mom, this purple hair dye will fade."...

CEP: September 2002

When it comes to dealing with carbon dioxide, it may be more reasonable to sidestep the argument over whether it is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions because they contribute to global warming and simply accept that the argument is over...

CEP: August 2002

The special section in this issue (following p. 32) will help you as you explore that question.