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CEP: July 2008

Many of us participate in outreach activities aimed at informing the public about engineering and science and fostering interest in technical careers among students.

CEP: June 2008

When I was a Girl Scout, we sang a song called "Make New Friends"that went like this: Make new friends, But keep the old, One is silver, And the other's gold.

CEP: May 2008

Engineers are trained to solve problems. So we naturally look for problems to solve and solutions to optimize. And that often leads us to first see the emptiness of a situation rather than appreciate its fullness...

CEP: April 2008

Late last year, contributing editor Suzanne Shelley proposed writing a news story on dust explosions.

CEP: March 2008

When the chemical engineers of the Class of 2008 retire, essentially all of the current electric power generating capacity will have been replaced with new capacity. What technology will be used?...

CEP: February 2008

This year, as AIChE celebrates its 100th birthday, we salute the many contributions of chemical engineers to improving the world. This month, we also celebrate National Engineers Week, Feb. 17-23...

CEP: January 2008

January is a time to reflect on the year just past, and to look ahead at the year that is beginning.

CEP: December 2007

Having just returned from a week-long trip to Salt Lake City for the AIChE Annual Meeting (Nov.

CEP: November 2007

Engineers and scientists have long been aware of the potential effects of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.

CEP: October 2007

Before working on the Society for Biological Engineers' (SBE) Special Section titled "From Chinese Hamsters to Therapeutic Proteins"(pp. 33-52), I thought of hamsters more as pets than as life-saving animals...

CEP: September 2007

Images of pristine snowcapped mountains are what come to mind when I think of Salt Lake City (SLC). It's hard not to think that when SLC was the 2002 host of the Winter Olympics. So why is AIChE holding its Annual Meeting there?...

CEP: August 2007

Chemical engineers have something to smile about - results from AIChE's 2007 Employment & Salary Survey (pp.