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CEP: November 2004

As you've probably heard, AIChE's recent initiatives in biotechnology, nanotechnology and sustainability are meeting with considerable success.

CEP: October 2004

In August, I highlighted the concept of the "Critical Issues Forum,"and I asked for your feedback. Here's what one member wrote, "My advice would be to quit just batting around and do it!"...

CEP: September 2004

Back in January 2002, CEP published a 16-page special on "An Evolution in Chemical Engineering,"and I asked you "Where are we headed?"Nearly three years later, I find myself pondering the same question...

CEP: August 2004

I want to thank all of the nearly 4,000 members who took the time to thoughtfully respond to CEP's engineering ethics survey.

CEP: July 2004

AIChE is pursuing a strategy that is changing the Institute's activities to assure continued relevance to chemical engineers of the future. As you all know - and as previous articles in CEP have documented (Jan.

CEP: June 2004

Joseph Darby, Jr., Sherron Watkins and Mordechai Vanunu - what do they all have in common?

CEP: May 2004

According to statistics released by the National Science Foundation, U.S. R&D is projected to have increased from $276.4 billion in 2002 to $283.8 billion in 2003 - a mere 1% after accounting for inflation...

CEP: April 2004

Last month, at the 2004 Chemical Industry Medal Award Dinner in New York, Thomas E.

CEP: March 2004

The profession of chemical engineering is changing more rapidly, and possibly more radically, than at any time in its history.

CEP: February 2004

Data - it's a vital part of business, but how to effectively manage it is still a challenge faced by many in the industry. In attending DaratechPLANT (Houston, TX; Jan.

CEP: January 2004

For the first time since the middle of 2002, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has passed the psychologically key 10,000 mark. Could this be a sign of overall economic recovery, including the chemical process industries?..

CEP: December 2003

As a professional in the chemical industry, you've probably never considered the impact this sector can have on the educational success of students in this country.