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CEP: June 2006

Ask an average pre-teen what an engineer is and you'll likely hear the answer, "I don't know,"or "a train operator."I must confess that when I was about eight years old, I thought an engineer was a train operator...

CEP: May 2006

It is probably appropriate that this editorial is being written in a hotel room in Shanghai.

CEP: April 2006

Back in January of last year, Dr. Herbert W. Cooper, president of Dynalytics, Inc., gave a very insightful presentation at the AIChE New York local section meeting titled, "Worldwide Energy Interruption: Can it happen? What would be the impact?

CEP: February 2006

Those who have been watching the marriage between nanotechnology and bioscience blossom are expecting great things from their union.

CEP: January 2006

Hydrogen, as the ultimate transportation fuel, has been the focal point for many discussions on the future energy economy.

CEP: December 2005

Two key areas that have been widely covered not only in CEP, but in the mainstream media, are energy security and the exponentially growing biotech sector...

CEP: November 2005

When Katrina made landfall, I was vacationing in Maine, where I did not have access to a radio, television or even the use of a mobile phone.

CEP: October 2005

For the greater part of the 20th century, chemical engineers have made significant contributions to the development, design, and efficient use of energy.Through conferences, Divisions and Forums, and member activities, AIChE continues to address o

CEP: August 2005

How do you define success? For me, it's achieving a proper work-life balance, where I get to spend time with my family, as well as having a meaningful and satisfying career.

CEP: July 2005

When I first heard that James D. Watson was the recipient of the 2005 Othmer Gold Medal given out by the Chemical Heritage Foundation, I was curious as to how his contributions tied into the world of chemical engineering and chemistry...