ChemE On Demand - Webinars

Intro to Maintenance and Reliability

Archived Webinar
Mar 11, 2015
This presentation provides those in the process and discrete manufacturing industries an introduction to the best practices in Maintenance and Reliability aimed at improving uptime and productivity. The relationship between asset care delivery and equipment performance are highlighted. Work...

Law Careers for Chemical Engineers

Archived Webinar
Mar 4, 2015
Joshua Stowell discusses the different career opportunities that are available to chemical engineers who pursue careers as attorneys. He reviews specialty law fields for chemical engineers as well as the law school experience and the practice of law through the eyes of a chemical engineer.

The Mechanics of a Quantitative Risk Analysis - Better Understand Your Risks

Archived Webinar
Feb 25, 2015
This presentation outlines the main steps involved in conducting a Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) study, and the main inputs and outputs in such a study. It also discusses how closer examination of these results can enable risk analysts to better understand, manage, and mitigate risks at their...

Water: A Critical Material Enabling Space Exploration

Archived Webinar
Feb 18, 2015
Water is one of the most critical materials in human spaceflight. The availability of water defines the duration of a space mission; the volume of water required for a long duration space mission becomes too large, heavy, and expensive for launch vehicles to carry. Since the mission duration is...

From the Nanometer Scale to the Oilfield

Archived Webinar
Feb 4, 2015
This talk focuses on recent studies that are designed to better understand the nanometer length scale association mechanisms of asphaltenes and how these studies can be related to a macroscopic perspective. For example, asphaltenes are a class of polydisperse molecules that are believed associate...

Embrace Change by Establishing Comprehensive Management of Change (MOC) Processes

Archived Webinar
Jan 28, 2015
This webinar addresses the importance of effectively managing change by establishing comprehensive Management of Change (MOC) processes. The components of a comprehensive process will be examined through real-world examples of managing change and methods for assessing and improving change...

Dynamic Emulsion Characterization

Archived Webinar
Jan 21, 2015
This presentation illustrates several analytical tools that are being used to characterize dynamic emulsion behavior with application to flow assurance. Results will be presented for interfacial tensiometry, acoustic spectroscopy, inflow microscopy, and diffusional NMR techniques. Insight from this...

Metabolic Engineering of Bacteria for Production of Oleochemicals

Archived Webinar
Dec 16, 2014
This talk describes pathways for producing high-value commodity chemicals derived from fatty-acids and how we have combined synthetic biology and systems biology to improve oleochemical production in bacteria using sustainable feedstocks. I describe my group’s efforts to engineer artificial...

Strategies for the Design and Production of Particulate Materials

Archived Webinar
Dec 10, 2014
The number of potential options for the particle production step can be many and selection of a “good” process can be very difficult. This webinar examines what options are available to those who face the challenge of designing both the product particles and the associated production processes...

Hollow Fiber Microfiltration of Microorganisms from Food and Water

Archived Webinar
Dec 3, 2014
This presentation discusses the factors involved in designing and operating an automated hollow fiber microfiltration system for concentrating microorganisms from complex fluids that can rapidly foul membranes. By combining pretreatment of the fluids prior to microfiltration, with an automatically...

In Silico Design Tools for Engineering Microbial Biocatalysts

Archived Webinar
Nov 25, 2014
Choosing from the great variety of computational tools now being utilized in the metabolic engineering field can be challenging. You need a computational tool that is able to account qualitatively and quantitatively for a wide range of different data types relevant to biological systems. This...

The Eight Steps to Specify a Catalyst Bed

Archived Webinar
Nov 12, 2014
This webinar outlines the eight basic steps in specifying a hydro-genation catalyst: performance specification, process configuration, catalyst selection, mass balance, heat balance, calculating catalyst volume, selecting the reactor diameter, and estimating life. Catalysts are essential in oil...

Transport Phenomena: Mass Transfer

Archived Webinar
Nov 5, 2014
This webinar covers the basic concepts of Mass Transfer illustrating the key topics with practical examples. Concepts include the molecular mass transfer, Fick's Law, diffusion through pores, the differential equations of mass transfer, steady and unsteady diffusion, convective mass transfer. The...

Optimizing Adsorption Process Design and Operation

Archived Webinar
Oct 29, 2014
This webinar describes new model-based approaches that allow the rapid and accurate design and operational analysis of complex adsorption cycles. Periodic adsorption processes, such as PSA or TSA, are widely used in industry as energy-efficient alternatives to cryogenic or absorptive separation...

CCUS Pathways to Synergistic Fossil and Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Archived Webinar
Oct 15, 2014
This presentation focuses on practical and reliable solutions to climate change issues associated with power plants and how such solutions can enable far more effective use of both renewable and fossil fuels in a much more environmentally benign fashion. The mounting concerns over global warming...