3rd Rock Stars of Regenerative Engineering | AIChE

Statement on COVID-19

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for attendees of our upcoming events and we are actively monitoring the development and impact of the Coronavirus on the ability for all to travel and attend safely. We are planning for our event to occur on schedule, though we recognize that the situation is rapidly evolving and we are actively reviewing options to hold meetings virtually, should that become a necessity. If the situation changes, we will update this statement and inform attendees. Read the FAQ.

In an effort to spur new discoveries, the Regenerative Engineering Society is organizing the third Rock Stars of Regenerative Engineering Conference in Hawaii on December 13-14, 2020. Industry, Academia, and Government will be present.

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Session Topics

  • 3D Bioprinting and Bioink Development

  • Current update on Biomaterial Development

  • Clinical Applications of Novel Regenerative Engineered Technologies and their Outcomes

  • Regulatory Landscape on Regenerative Engineered Products

  • Regenerative Engineering in Diagnostics

  • Biomaterials for Regulating Cell Function

  • Tissue-inducing Materials for Regenerative Engineering

  • Advances in Soft Tissue Regenerative Engineering

  • Rational Design of Polymers for Regenerative Engineering

  • Regenerative Engineering Strategies for Complex Tissue Regeneration

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