Module Manufacturing

The module manufacturing focus area includes activities and projects relevant to manufacturing and supply chain issues associated with modular chemical process intensification. Efforts include considerations for reducing the cost and improving the reliability of modular subsystems and intensified components that are pre-assembled, transported and installed at a chemical processing site.


A community of researchers, equipment suppliers, and practitioners working to advance processintensification (PI) equipment into the module manufacturing supply chain


  • Drive cost and reliability improvementsin module and component manufacturing
  • Standardize modules and componentsto drive demand and capital investment within the supply chain
  • Lower the cost of PI equipment using advanced manufacturing technology
  • Reduce technical risk by improving reliability of PI equipment

Key Approaches

  • Convene the supply chain to identify opportunitiesfor standardizing and intensifying components and modules
  • Use design-for-manufacturing-and-assembly principlesin redesign of modules and components
  • Develop new manufacturing processtechnologiesfor module and component manufacturing
  • Improve reliability and advance standardization through the development, validation and assimilation of design tools

Expected Outcomes

  • Cost reduction of PI equipment eliminates businessrisk for module manufacturers
  • Reliable components demonstrated in commercial deployment reduces technical risk for module manufacturers
  • More robustsupply chain driven by breakthrough PI equipment