During the 2nd Annual ChemE Cube Competition, the RAPID team announced the theme for next year's competition as Direct Air Capture

As part of the competition, students will design, build, operate, and compete a 1-cubic foot Direct Air Capture unit, addressing the key goal of removing carbon emissions from our atmosphere. The 2023 ChemE Cube Competition will take place on November 6, 2023 in Orlando, FL as part of the 2023 AIChE Annual Meeting and Annual Student Conference.

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Interested in participating in next year's ChemE Cube Competition? Here are some tips:

  1. Read about key 2023 ChemE Cube dates
  2. Sign up to receive ChemE Cube updates
  3. Form a team of undergraduate students at your university and find a faculty advisor
  4. Stay tuned for the release of competition materials in January 2023
  5. While you're waiting for competition materials to be released, read up on the 2022 competition. While the theme has changed, the format and general rules will likely be similar
  6. Start researching Direct Air Capture!