As a result of a recent project call, the RAPID Manufacturing Institute is pleased to announce two awards for Education and Workforce Development projects. They are as follows:

1) COMPLETE – Computer-Aided, Model-Based Process Intensification Learning, Training, and Education 

Partner Organizations include Texas A&M University and Support from Chemstations, Inc.

The team will develop a comprehensive educational and workforce development training program, specifically focusing on computer-aided and process systems engineering-based strategies for modeling and simulation of process intensification systems.

2) Fundamentals of Batch to Continuous Process Conversion (Working Title)

Partner Organizations include Worcester Polytechnic Institute, ACS GCI Pharmaceutical Roundtable and support from Zaiput Flow Technologies, CONTINUUS, On Demand Pharmaceuticals and MettlerToledo.

The team will develop combined lecture/lab/augmented reality modules for hands-on workforce training on safe and efficient flow reactor design, construction, and operation and will take advantage of the dedicated 10,000 sq. ft. industrial training/pilot facility at WPI’s Biomanufacturing Education & Training Center (BETC).

For more information, please contact Ashley Smith-Schoettker, Director of Education and Workforce Development.