Eighteen years ago, CEP Magazine published an article by Professor Andrzej Stankiewicz of Delft University in the Netherlands, acclaiming the importance of Process Intensification (PI) and its potential impact on chemical engineering and industry.  But few would herald the call to implement PI because it diverged from the “traditional” approaches to manufacturing. However, since that time, he’s been proven correct; PI is a game-changer, shrinking processes and creating energy and cost efficiencies that were previously unrealizable until now due to greater advances in technology and equipment design.   

To see just how far we’ve come, we present Dr. Stankiewicz’s original article, “Process Intensification: Transforming Chemical Engineering,” and contrast it with a more recent article, “Realize the Potential of Process Intensification,” written by RAPID CTO, James Bielenberg and Michelle Bryner.  Their article presents tangible examples of progress in the field and how PI is likely to evolve over the next few years—making it much more viable, profitable, and sustainable.   

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