The Rapid Advancement in Process Intensification Deployment (RAPID) Manufacturing Institute recently announced the rollout of a 10-week summer intern program scheduled to begin June 2018.

RAPID, the tenth member of the nation’s network of Manufacturing USA Institutes, leads a national effort focused on the research, development and implementation of high impact technologies and/or hardware equipment solutions that enable advances in the process industries—notably, Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper.

The intern program will reach out to promising graduate and undergraduate students studying chemical engineering and who can perform work on selected RAPID-member projects around the country.    

“Our program is designed to develop and foster the next generation of leaders in process intensification and modular product design and this is an important first step to engage their intellectual curiosity and capabilities,” stated Thomas Walsh, CEO of RAPID.

Interns will not only be able to participate in the new transformative field of process intensification but will also have access to thought leaders who will shape the industry. In addition, professional development opportunities will also be available to interns.

“By providing direct, hands-on technical experience that support our portfolio of projects as well as virtual leadership development training, interns not only gain preparation for successful careers but also valuable industry insights and enhanced skills,” said Ashley Smith-Schoettker, Director of Education and Workforce Development for RAPID. 

For this first year, RAPID members will play a role in selecting interns.  For students interested in learning more about the RAPID Summer Intern Program and qualifications for participation, visit  The deadline for applying is May 11, 2018.