The RAPID Manufacturing Institute, the U.S. leader in process intensification (PI), is pleased to announce that Paul Yelvington, Ph.D., P.E., has been appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO), beginning April 22, 2019. Paul will be responsible for overseeing the current portfolio of research projects and maintaining the Institute’s technology roadmap, exploring new technology areas where PI and modular processing can have the greatest impact, and helping grow RAPID’s membership base.  His appointment as CTO further ensures that RAPID will continue to meet its commitments both to our membership and to the Department of Energy (DOE).

"We are excited to welcome and work with Paul to further our mission of empowering our member organizations.  Paul will help us deliver even more valuable services to our members and foster collaboration, innovation and the exchange of ideas. His experience and leadership in biomass conversion, product development and technology commercialization, as well as his experience working with federal funding agencies, is the perfect blend of expertise that will be invaluable in driving the continued growth and sustainability of the RAPID Institute." said Bill Grieco, RAPID’s CEO.

Previously, Paul served as the Group Leader for Energy Conversion Technologies at Mainstream Engineering (MEC), where he led programs to develop several modular process technologies, including a portable fast-pyrolysis process for thermochemical biomass conversion to fuels, a hybrid hydrothermal liquefaction process for conversion of wet food wastes to fuels, and a biogas-tolerant engine-generator for agricultural waste digesters. In addition, Paul coordinated MEC’s other energy conversion programs and managed the chemical engineering staff. Prior to joining MEC, Paul worked at Aerodyne Research where he studied the emissions of trace gases and volatile particles from aircraft engines, helping to better understand the impacts of aviation on local air quality and climate change.

“Chemical industry leaders face a rapidly changing landscape, shifting feedstock supply and stricter environmental regulations create new challenges and opportunities in the PI space. As a community, we have to embrace risk as we foster innovation and adopt new technologies, while also managing expectations," said Paul Yelvington, RAPID's new CTO. "I look forward to working with RAPID’s leadership team and our members to offer insights on staying ahead of the curve to help our community thrive."

Paul’s expertise includes combustion, alternative fuels, engines, biomass conversion, applied spectroscopy, reactor piloting, techno-economic analysis, technology transfer, product development, and project management. He also specializes in the use of advanced simulations and controls to improve the efficiency of practical energy conversion devices. Over the years, he has directed over 20 research, development, and engineering programs for industry and government clients at DOD, DOE, NIH, and the USDA.  In addition, he has several patents and has coauthored more than 25 publications related to combustion, fuels, engines, and biomass. He is also an adjunct professor and graduate faculty member at the Florida Institute of Technology.

Paul received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

For more information about Paul Yelvington or the RAPID Manufacturing Institute, please contact Rose-Marie Brandwein, Director of Membership and Marketing Communications.