Open to undergraduate student teams from any university

After a successful pilot in 2021 in Boston, RAPID is proud to announce that we will be hosting an extended pilot ChemE Cube Competition taking place November 14, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. We invite any undergraduate student team to participate. 

2022 ChemE Cube Info

When and where will the 2022 ChemE Cube Competition take place?
  1. Virtual Qualifying Presentations take place April 13-15 via Zoom (make sure to sign your team up by March 31!)
  2. In-Person ChemE Cube Competition takes place Monday, November 14, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ
Where do I learn more about ChemE Cube?
  1. Check out ChemE Cube on YouTube
  2. Review 2022 ChemE Cube Competition materials (Rules, Problem Statement, Rubrics, Safety Program, etc.)
How does the 2022 Competition Differ from the 2021 Competition?

The 2022 ChemE Cube competition theme remains the same as 2021: Modular On-Demand Water Purification. However, the ChemE Cube team has made a number of changes to the competition rules, problem statement, and rubrics based on team, volunteer, and staff feedback. A summary of major changes include:

  • The competition is open to any undergraduate student team (not limited to RAPID member universities)
  • The addition of a Virtual Qualifying Presentation in order to earn one of 10 spots at the ChemE Cube Competition in November in Phoenix, AZ
  • The Ad is now 1-minute instead of 3-minutes
  • Most Resourceful Award has been replaced with ‘Out-Of-The-Cube Award’ to reward innovative and unique cube design and cube elements (eg: 3D printing, etc.).
  • In order to mitigate theoretical viral contamination, the cube design must include a chemical disinfectant component (see problem statement for more details)
  • ...and much more – we’ve done our best to highlight the major changes in the 2022 Competition Rules and Problem Statement but it is up to the team to ensure all criteria are met.
How to Participate & ChemE Cube Timeline
  1. Before March 31: Sign your team up for a Virtual Qualifying Presentation Time Slot 
  2. April 13-15: Your team presents their virtual qualifying presentation via Zoom to a panel of judges (make sure to review the rubric ASAP!)
  3. May 1: The 10 teams who scored the highest in their presentations build their cubes
  4. August 23: 2022 ChemE Cube Competition Prep Call via Zoom
  5. October 14: Engineering Design Package (EDP) Submission Due
  6. October 28: The Ad Submission Due
  7. November 14: 2nd Annual ChemE Cube Competition, Phoenix, AZ

Who do I contact with questions?