RAPID Technology Showcase Featuring Compact Membrane Systems

Tuesday, January 24, 1-2pm ET


RAPID Technology Showcases provide an opportunity for RAPID members to connect with and learn about a fellow member's technologies and capabilities. We invite you to our next RAPID Technology Showcase featuring Compact Membrane Systems taking place Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

Join Bill Charlton, COO for Compact Membrane Systems who will review CMS' Optiperm™ carbon membrane technology their recent successful demonstration of this technology on a propylene application at a Braskem facility. 

Why Membranes for Olefins Separation

The separation of light olefins and paraffins is one of the world’s most energy intensive industrial applications, consuming up to 0.5% of global energy use. Done by distillation, this separation has high energy consumption and related GHG emissions. The fixed capacity of these legacy systems results in plant bottlenecks, capacity limits and wasted, unmonetized streams. 

Membranes bolt on to existing plants to increase capacity, capture and upgrade waste streams, and debottleneck the process, offering substantial value in today’s environment of declining feedstock supply and price volatility.  Historically, membranes have not met the stringent demands of operating in a real-world environment within a petrochemical plant, that is, until now. 

The First Commercial Demonstration of Facilitated Transport Membranes in Olefins Separation

A two-stage membrane system was deployed to demonstrate the simultaneous production of high purity olefin and paraffin streams (>90% propylene stream and HD5 propane). We will discuss the commercial scale cartridges and the implementation of a proprietary humification method.  

Results from the field trial will be highlighted along with technoeconomic evaluations of a polypropylene reactor purge case study.  

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