RAPID Technology Showcases provide an opportunity for RAPID members to connect with and learn about a fellow member's technologies and capabilities.

On September 7, join Lalit Chordia, CEO Thar Energy, who will discuss Thar's pioneering use of supercritical fluids in chemical processing for over 30 years.  The two supercritical fluids - Carbon dioxide and Water, are environmentally benign, non-toxic, zero ozone depletion potential, and net zero global warming potential.  This technology has been used for a host of applications in the chemical industry such as extraction, reaction, chromatography, oxidation, nano-particles, hydrogenation, etc.  Besides the chemical industry, Thar has applied this technology in the energy sector such as heat pumps, refrigeration, power generation, and water remediation.  Thar not only develops the technology but they also design and build custom components such as pumps, micro-channel heat exchangers, etc to customize the equipment.

RAPID Technology Showcases are open to any employee of a RAPID member organization.

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