Showcase Title: Liquid-liquid extraction in flow and hybrid batch-flow processes

Flow chemistry/continuous manufacturing have been repeatedly shown to provide a rather broad set of advantages over traditional batch processing. Improvements range from process robustness, process intensification, ease of scale up, real time analytics for better process control and access to otherwise very challenging reaction conditions. In this context, Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) is a very common workup strategy in pharmaceutical and fine chemical production due to its high selectivity and large capacity at relatively small energy consumption, however the technology to do so has been lacking. 

While examples of implementation of flow chemistry are growing, there is still a lot of inertia for the adoption of new paradigms, and “hybrid” continuous/batch schemes seem to be an effective way to overcome this. By conjugating existing equipment and expertise together with the advantages of a new approach significant process improvements can be garnered without the requisite knowledge and expertise that a complete shift to flow chemistry requires. 

In this talk, we will provide an overview of the efforts Zaiput is making towards phase separation, for both continuous and hybrid operation schemes. After providing background information on our proprietary membrane-based phase separation technology, we will provide examples of applications and discussion for both single and highly efficient, scalable multistage LLE.

Speaker: Andrea Adamo, Founder and CEO, Zaiput Flow Technologies

If you are interested in attending this showcase on zoom, please request an invitation from Ashley Smith-Shoettker