RAPID is developing a new student design competition known as the ChemE Cube. This student design competition would challenge students to create a modular chemical process using a non-toxic chemistry that changes annually in a one-foot cube. During this virtual round table, we are seeking insight from our academic members as we move towards a pilot of the competition. We invite both professors and students to attend this round table on June 17th from 12pm to 2pm ET. 

This round table will be a working session including:

  • An in-depth review of the ChemE Cube concept and the initial prototype build (see photo) with time for feedback and questions.
  •  A brainstorm of industrially relevant processes that utilize non-toxic chemistry that would be a good candidate for this competition.
  • An opportunity to apply to participate in the pilot — be one of the first teams to experience this new competition!

RAPID Members, if you would like to receive a calendar invite to this event, please contact Ashley Smith-Shoettker. If you have any questions on the ChemE Cube competition concept, please contact Seth Ricketts.